Marking the 25thanniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide, as part of a week-long discussion series, Digital Debates, discusses human rights, war crimes and the effectiveness and challenges of the implementation of the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ principle in an effort to help prevent massacres and genocides with the participation of special guests.

The sessions will be broadcast online on TRT World Forum’s social media accounts. Attendees are encouraged to address their questions during the live Q&A sessions. 


Digital Debates is a series of online events held by TRT World Forum to address pressing political, economic and social issues that concern many corners of the world, including far-right terrorism, the rise of populism and nationalism, the future of the Middle East, trade wars, and the future of the European Union. The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which has affected the entire world and led to shutdowns of services, in addition to a global economic recession, is also among the discussion topics.

This digital discussion platform is an agile response to the changing dynamics of the events industry and it seeks to offer participants a “real event” experience with interactive Q&A sessions.


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